Tuesday, April 24, 2007

मिशन ऑफ़ life

"प्रक्टिस ट्रुथ, कोन्तेंत्मेंत ऎंड किन्द्नेस्स; थिस इस थे मोस्ट एक्ष्केल्लेन्त् वय ऑफ़ लाइफ"
( गुरू अर्जन देव जी, ५१)

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ruby said...

We Sikhs are fed up of being part of stupid jokes.
By Guru’s grace, one Sikh has earned the admiration of not only Indians but the whole World – Dr Manmohan Singh.
64 hors to the decision and we all can make a difference.
Please mail/sms to all your contacts and ask each one of them to appeal to the conscience of the SAD MPs .
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Your investing a few minutes or Rupees can change the course of Sikh history now. PLEASE MOVE FAST!!!
You are requested not sms profanities to these MPs. Please appeal to their human self.

A message like this would be apt:
Sikh Sangat appeals to you to prove to the world that you are SIKHS first and politicians later.
Sikh history will be brightened by your one action: